Jake Calhoun

Gunsmith, world traveler, big game hunter, cowboy


Body: 3
Athletics: 3, Melee: 3, Unarmed: 1

Agility: 4
Drive: 3, Guns: 5, Ranged: 0, Stealth: 3, TInkering: 5

Mind: 2
Academic: 2, Bureaucracy: 3, Diplomacy: 3, Medic: 0, Streetwise: 0

Will: 3
Mysteries: 2, Perception: 3, Survival: 3

Physical Defense: 17, Mental Defense: 15, Constitution Defense: 14
Hit Point Total: 18
Hero Point Total: 3
Experience Points: 8

Focus on Hunting (Survival): +2 to Survival rolls when hunting
Friends all Over (Diplomacy): Make a Diplomacy check to find a friendly contact or guide
Gadgeteer (Tinkering): Can create up to five devices, with up to a total of +5 bonuses between them.
Gun Specialist (Guns): +1 to hit with ranged Guns attacks
Long Shot (Guns): Ignores up to 2 points of penalties due to range
Mystic Tech (Tinkering): Create up to 3 ranks of one of the following Mystic Powers: Spirit Speech, Object Reading, Aura Reading, Animal Friendship, and Mesmerism (memory). Roll Tinkering as if activating a level 3 Mystic Power.
Polyglot (Academics): Doubles known languages, picks up on new languages quickly
Split Attack (Guns): Can make 2 ranged Gun attacks, splitting Skill levels between them
Vulnerable Spot (Guns): +1 damage with ranged Guns attacks

Calhoun Recipricator (5): Damage 1d12+1, attack + 10, 30 round magazine
- Spray for accuracy: Damage 1d12+1, attack + 12, 5 rounds
- Spray for damage: Damage 1d8+1d6+1, attack + 10, 5 rounds
- Modular design allows it to be broken down, reassembled, and modified (add)
- Efficient design negates chances for jams (add)


Calhoun Derringer (5): damage d12+1, attack + 10, 2 rounds
- Damage boosted by two levels (2 adds)

Calhoun Pneumatic Rifle (5): Damage 1d12+1, attack +10, 1 shot
- Can’t split attack, silent (-ish) operation, fires darts / flechettes

Horn-Handled Hunting Knife (2): damage d6, attack +6

Noteworthy Gear:
Warm grey thermal suit taken from agents of the Hive, sea monster scale & teeth worn on a thong around his neck, sea monster lower jaw trophy, 6 sabre-tooth tiger tusks, de-powered radium laser (7 damage), gunsmith’s tools

Speaks English, French, Nepalese, and Spanish
Jake’s default devices are fused bullets that do +5 damage
A silencer costs 2 “pluses,” rubber non-lethal bullets cost 2 “pluses”
Lien’s mom has been around since the Han Dynasty, currently going by Miriam


Jake Calhoun

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