Character Creation


1. Divide 12 points between the four Attributes, range 1-5
• Rank 2 is average human
• No character can have more than one starting Attribute at Rank 1

2. Figure Secondary Attributes

3. If making a mystic (ie someone with a special Power), decide on a concept and read the rules. Most mystics are built around one defining Power or possibly two related Powers. Concepts and starting Powers should be approved by the GM.

4. Assign 25 points to Skills or Powers with the following guidelines
• Skills/Powers cost 1 point per Rank
• Starting skills or powers have a maximum of Rank 3
• A skill or power may never have a Rank above (related Attribute+1)
• The average human has Rank 2 Attribute/Rank 3 Skill they use to make a living (+5 Skill Check)

5. Choose 5 Adds (Attribute, Skill or Power Adds)
• normal NPC’s have 1 Add, usually a specialty giving them a +2 bonus to a narrow application of a non-combat skill. Example- Preacher- +2 Diplomacy when talking about their faith

6. Record “3” Hero Points on the character sheet.

7. Develop background, personality, at least one ally and one enemy

8. Choose equipment (check with GM for starting equipment, money, etc.)

Character Creation

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